Med udviklingen af Storyplanet har In2media positioneret sig som softwareudvikler. Få historien om Storyplanet.

Added 13-10-2008

With great joy and pride In2media and Bjarke Myrthu presented at the conference New Media Days the 8th and 9th of October 2008. With the creation of Storyplanet In2media entered the field of software developing. The entrepreneur behind Storyplanet Bjarke Myrthu made his dream come true and created a unique tool for journalists, creative storytellers, pro- and semi-pro-bloggers around the world. Users worldwide want sound and moving pictures. That is what they get with Storyplanet. A tool that can do so much more than just publish videos online.

This is how Storyplanet works
Storyplanet allows you to upload video clips from any kind of platform in any kind of format. Uploads are automatically converted to Flash and you are ready for editing in no time. You can hyperlink from one section to another. Add text and text sites in your video. And with a few clicks you can publish the video at your blog, facebook or any other website. The main goal developing Storyplanet was to make it easier to produce and publish interactive stories. There are approximately 70 million bloggers in the US and China alone – the main markets of Storyplanet.

The business model of Storyplanet
Joichi Ito raised the capital for the development of Storyplanet. An investor who also contributed to Flickr and Technorati. The business model is simple:

- Right of use requires a monthly subscription of 10-80 US$ depending of the selected membership

- Pictures from external image banks will be advertised and sold via Storyplanet

- The finished stories at Storyplanet will be sold to news media e.g.

To put it briefly, Storyplanet is NOT a new kind of YouTube, but a completely new way of creating stories.

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