Added 08-12-2011

Danske Bank is the first bank in Denmark to launch an iPad version of its internet bank. The App went straight into number 1 in the iTunes App Store. The iPad App was developed in a close collaboration between In2media and Danske Bank and is the first major launch since the two parties formed a partnership earlier this year.

The App has been launched across the Nordic markets and has been received in all countries with fantastic reviews. Users have been heaping praise on the new App both in the App Store and on Facebook with comments like these:

“It's so good that if I was able to squeeze a tear out of an App, it would be this one:)”

And another enthusiastic user writes:

”To think that we have made do with a Web interface for so many years. This App makes the web look like something that should be in a museum.”

From a blank canvas to a brand new banking experience

Rethinking the whole user experience with the iPad's unique touch interface as the point of departure, has been absolutely central to the development process. In2media’s team were given the go-ahead to start from scratch together with Danske Bank on this project that re-invent and refine the internet bank that users know from their smartphone and PC. The goal was to create new interactive options thereby making it easier for the customers to interact with their personal finances.

According to CEO, Andreas B. Iversen it was “something of a dream job to be allowed to raise the bar and continue developing on the solid footprint Danske Bank has set with its successful iPhone App. In my view, the close partnership has resulted in the development and design of a solution that takes the world of online banking to the next level by utilising the countless interaction possibilities presented by the iPad universe”.