Digital innovation by user-centered design

Bridging the gap between good ideas and great execution

Driven by people

In2media is a digital agency that understands the power of people. We live in a world where the masses decide what becomes a success and what stays on the shelf. We want to partner with you in creating digital products for the people. We do that, by practicing user-centered design.

Bring it!

No matter the project, you will feel our enthusiasm, because we are driven by the thought of the end-user. The lady who clicks - the guy who swipes - the kid who double taps. The needs, the wants, the expectations…

At the same time, we have a knack for business development. And we understand the challenges larger corporations have, we get why time-to-market is an issue, we recognize how hard it can be to get a decision made. Your customers might not care, but we do. And in collaboration, we can help you win-win.

How we will go about it

A cookie cutter process doesn’t shape the best products. That’s why we want to know more about your needs before we start applying any of our tried-and-tested approaches. One thing you can count on - we will ask the right (and potentially annoying) questions. And then we will want to ask your customers & colleagues/employees some questions too…

Examples of our services

  • Strategy formulation (digital strategy, mobile strategy, social media strategy etc.)
  • Innovation programs focusing on the development of new services / products and internal learning/skills development
  • Clarification process / pre-analysis, identifying user journeys, user involvement etc.
  • Concepts, UX/wireframes and design of self-service solutions and customer advisor systems
  • Graphic design of digital interfaces
  • Expert review of existing solutions
  • Developing apps, digital tools (within Enterprise Mobility) and websites
  • Strategic advice within user experience, digital communication, social media and choice of technical platform

Meet the family

In2media group is a trinity of world class co-creative entities, with skills in a wide range of areas. If you are looking for digital cohesiveness, look no further. You’ll have a hard time finding a task that this group couldn’t deliver on.


Products & services – Digital strategy, concept, user experience and design


Platform - Mobile and web development


Marketing - digital campaigns, content and social strategy

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Andreas B. Iversen