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Senior Interaction Designer

We are looking for a Senior Interaction Designer. Someone who can collaborate with our marvelous design, UX and development teams in creating superb digital products and services. Someone who not only has a hunger to know how things work, but how they look and feel. Someone who understands brands, and how they translate into a UI.

Sound familiar?

You will be working at a bureau. Multiple clients. Varying stakeholders. Silo mentalities. But you will thrive in that environment. You are even capable of collaborating WITH the client. You just wanna build stuff. Make it look and work right. And you'll hustle until it does.

Still sound like you?

Conveniently, you have an outstanding portfolio to show. You have worked with browser based solutions and mobile products before. You know what it takes, and you're really good at it.

It's you, isn't it.



We sure hope so! If you want to join one of the best interface design teams around, and help design digital products of the future, please send examples of your work and an application answering these 3 questions: 

  • What type of designer are you? Describe your methodology
  • When working with UXers and developers, what do you bring to the table that they will love?
  • What type of products or solutions do you enjoy designing the most? We need the right person to start asap, so...