Ambitious cross-platform eBanking

Danske Bank


Danske Bank is a leading Nordic financial institution with a strong ambition to be a digital front-runner. We have had the pleasure of helping them in that pursuit since 2011. After launching their highly acclaimed mobile banking app, Danske Bank decided to extend their innovative position with their other eBanking products.

Our contribution

Initially, we were given the challenge of creating a cutting-edge eBanking solution for the iPad. Utilizing our product innovation process, workshops and user involvement ensured a concept and interface which was intuitive and natural to the touch. Over the next 3 years, the new digital design vision was applied to all Danske Bank’s eBanking platforms - from desktop to Android and Windows Surface.


  • In2media and Danske Bank are extremely proud of the many national and international honors and awards the solution has generated.
  • Danske Bank won the noteworthy 'Mobile E-commerce & Services' award at the national E-commerce Awards. This was for their consistent visionary focus on mobile being a business-critical integrated service and sales channel.
  • The thousands of user ratings and reviews in the App Stores have also been remarkably positive, with an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

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Andreas B. Iversen