Danske Bank

A web platform that caters to user needs


Danske Bank’s overall strategy to facilitate the best customer experience by 2020 demands digital excellence. Their plan is to switch from product-based offerings to life event-based advisory. With this focus, Danske Bank wanted to build an entirely new web presence with a mobile first approach.

Our contribution

We covered a wide range of deliverables for both Personal and Business Banking. Our starting point was a comprehensive and overall online sales strategy, which aided the switch from product information to content, leads and online sales.

We continued with the concrete website strategy, UX concept and editorial profile which led to content production, UX and design. Front-end development was done in close collaboration with Danske Bank’s own IT department and their Sitecore development.


  • Internal POC launched after just 2-3 months production followed up by further 3 months of production launching a public beta site at the end of 2015
  • Initial user feedback has been very positive with 90% being positive towards the new life event approach
  • The website is by November 2016 launched in a beta version in Sweden (beta.danskebank.se). Beta versions will be launched in Norway and Finland too

For more information:

Andreas B. Iversen