Award winning mobile payment



Danske Bank wanted to introduce the Danes to an easy and smart way to do mobile payment, so in 2013, they launched MobilePay with help from In2media and Trifork (app development). MobilePay is one of recent years best examples of how a bold business decision can lead to a breakthrough digital product.

Our contribution

Using market research and user insights, we uncovered the key aspects and success criteria for the ultimate money transfer and store payment solution. We also took a deep-dive into existing transaction options, identifying unnecessary steps and hidden barriers. A strong yet extremely simple concept was formed, resulting in continuously user-tested wireframes and interface design.


  • Installed on 9 out of 10 smart phones in Denmark
  • 3 mio. use the app regularly
  • More than DKK transferred
  • 3rd most used app in DK (after Facebook and FB Messenger)
  • Accepted in more than 24.000 shops
  • Most advanced and succesfull national mobile payment app in the world

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Andreas B. Iversen